Customized Facial

Starting at $85

This 60 minute facial includes detailed skin analysis, a customized treatment targeted to your skin’s specific needs & and a relaxing neck, shoulder, and facial massage.

ADD ONS AVAILABLE for additional cost:

$30 Microdermabrasion Skin Rejuvenation (15 min)

$20 LED Light Therapy (15 min)

-red/blue/yellow/green available, see description below

Eyelash Extensions -Full Set-


Classic eyelash extensions customized to fit your eye perfectly.

Plan accordingly for a 2 hour appointment.

AFTERCARE/ how to get the most time with your extensions:

  • Do not get lashes wet for at least 12 hours. (including sweat, steam, tears, etc.)

  • Refrain from using oil based products including makeup remover, eye cream/moisturizer, and mascara

  • Do NOT use waterproof mascara or eyelash curlers

  • Avoid sleeping on your face and rubbing your eyes

  • Do not pick at your extensions

  • After showering/swimming, blow-dry lashes with the “cool” setting of your hair dryer… This will re-solidify the adhesive on your lashes after being softened from water and/or steam.

  • Silk pillowcases reduce friction against your lashes which keeps them in longer


Eyelash extensions -Fill-

Starting at $55

Schedule routine maintenance o your lashes to keep them looking nice and full.

Come in every 2-3 weeks.


prices vary

$20 Eyebrows

$12 Lip

$15 Chin

$10 Nose

$10 Sideburns

$50 Full Face

$30 Underarms

eyelash Lift

Starting at $75

Low maintenance & Long lasting. A lash lift enhances the natural lashes using a two step process that lifts/curls the lashes upward to give them a longer, fuller appearance without the maintenance of lash extensions. Add a lash tint +$25. Lasts 8-12 weeks.


Customized color for brows and lashes that lasts weeks.

$15 brows

$25 lashes

LED Light therapy

RED light:

Stimulates regeneration of skin cells, promotes blood circulation, relieves acne scarring, allergic dermatitis, relieves pain and stimulates the body’s own regenerative systems.

BLUE light:

Helps kill acne bacteria, inhibits sebaceous glands, effective in the prevention of wound infection, and allergic skin conditions.

GREEN light:

Provides relief of sensitive skin conditions and promotes a general mental calming effect.

YELLOW light:

Helps with redness, flushing, rosacea, and inflammation.


A procedure that is used to manually exfoliate the skin to remove the dull outer layer. Safe and gentle with no down time. Adds en extra boost to a facial or peel, enhances product penetration, and leaves skin looking radiant.

Chemical peels

Ormedic Lift: A blend of pumpkin, pineapple, papaya, and mango fruit enzymes and peptides in an organic all vera gel base. This non-chemical peel rebalances, regenerates and restores skin while comfrey plant derived stem cell technology recharge your skin’s stem cells helping to maintain youthfulness of skin.

Signature Face Lift: A results driven treatment that combines vitamin c, hydroxy acids and enzymes to speed up cellular renewal. Vitamin C and fruit enzymes blended in aloe vera base with anti-inflammatory botanicals to reduce redness. Hyaluronic acid adds moisture to dry/dehydrated skin. Gently exfoliates while infusing the skin with potent antioxidants.

Lightening Lift: This powerful AHA in an organic aloe vera gel base targets and corrects all forms of pigmentation to leave skin even toned and illuminated.

Wrinkle Lift: Anti-aging glycol acid along with retinol and botanical lighteners in an aloe vera gel base to correct, repair, and rejuvenate aging skin.

Beta Lift: This salicylic acid peel provides smoother skin, immediate oil reduction, and reduction of acne within 24 hours with this peel.

Perfection Lift: This next generation blend of advanced exfoliating and revitalizing ingredients helps to rejuvenate and helps to repair moderate to severe acne, aging and pigmentation concerns.